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Dalbello Lupo Sp Id Ski Boots 2015

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Yeah, me and Sean Pettit, were like this close, man - (hold up two fingers side by side) - well, at least you can wear the same boots as he does if you buy the Dalbello Lupo SP ID Ski Boots from evo. A burly 130 flex favors the chargers in the crowd, and Dalbellos Dynalink system locks you into the rear of the boot so there are no slip-ups at critical times. The Lupo SP has a super solid integrated hike / ski lever built into the cuff, so you can access the real goods with skins on your skis, or skis on your back, and really distance yourself from the pack. All this and a gnarly wolf logo on the cuff. Oh yeah.
Dalbello Lupo Sp Id Ski Boots 2015
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Last: 98 mm - Performance fitting cabrio design last shape in all KR 2 models features extreme tapering in rearfoot and achilles zones with comfort fit forefoot volume. Dalbellos most accurate and close fitting anatomic last shape features innovative Contour 4 fit technology.
Contour 4 Shell-Fit - Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot to create subtle comfort zones at 4 critical foot points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.
Flex: 130 - As stiff as a freeride boot gets. Meant for expert skiers who know where they're going and intend on doing it quickly.
Switchable Tongues - Highly resilient polyamide (nylon), flex ribbed tongue design stays in total contact with the leg throughout flex for improved responsiveness and control. Interchangeable design.
Kinetic Response Tongue - Highly resilient polyamide (nylon), flex ribbed tongue design stays in total contact with the leg throughout flex for improved responsiveness and control. Interchangeable design.
I.D. KR MAX Liner - No-Tongue Overlapping Design // Factory Pre-Formed for step in // 100% Custom Heat Moldable Ultralon EVA Foam // HD/MD Laminate
Shell Materials
3-Piece Cabrio Design Architecture - Cabrio Design ski boots are uniquely engineered to incorporate 3 components: the lower shell, upper cuff and, and external shell tongue. This permits the use of stiffer plastics in the lower shell without affecting the smooth and progressive forward flex that's controlled with the shell tongue. This design strengthens the support around the foot for precise lateral transfer of power. Overall the advantage is smoother power transmission, progressive flex and dynamic rebound. Plus the boot is super convenient to put on and take off.
Shell / Cuff / Tongue - Polyurethane, polyurethane, polyamide
Dynamically Balanced Stance - Todays modern rockered skis and lateral skiing technique require a much more upright and neutral (flatter) stance. Rocker Stance allows skiers of all stripes to take full advantage of their equipment by centering their body mass over the sweet spot of their skis for more power and control with less effort. Easy turn initiation with no slide, feel the ski length, maintain edge pressure for better control.
Shaft Alignment (Twin Canting) - The lateral orientation of the cuff in relation to the lower shell can be angled to match the angle of the skiers lower leg when standing.
Ski/Walk Mode
Ski/Hike Mechanism - Lightweight and compact, advanced function Hike/Ski control combines extended range of hiking/walking motion (Hike-mode), with solid, sensitive, and powerful ski control (Ski-mode). Feature enhanced with 2 Position Flex Control.
Dynalink Rearfoot Retention - Instep buckles are linked to the shell in a direct line with the heel pocket for a highly effective rear foot closure system that minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and boot shell distortion.
Inverted Forefoot Buckle - Forefoot closure buckles (above instep) are inverted to close on top of the boot shell, not on the side. The top closure positioning prevents buckle breakage and bending during rail slides, grinds, falls, and transitions.
3 Micro Adjustable F11 Aluminum buckles
Power Strap
Velcro Power Strap
HyGrip Replaceable Soles - High traction rubber soles for security when walking or booting.
Rubber Clad Hike Sole - Bi-Injection P.U toes/heels + Rubber Arch Clad provide durability, stability and traction while walking & climbing.
Additional Features
Low Cuff Hinge Point - High leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted approximately 10 cm lower than standard construction boot designs. The Low Cuff Hinge Point permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural movement of the skiers legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion.

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