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Baby Legs Pop Heart Leg Warmers

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For some reason, this design - more than any other - takes us back to our own childhood and makes us smile. Aside from the undeniably cute look - which incidentally can count as being visually stimulating for baby - we have personally discovered a wide range of functional uses as well. My own 3rd child is a very stubborn little thing. She insists on wearing dresses every day of the week and she doesn't like the way tights feel. Too small, too big, and too tight! Baby legs are a great solution for her long legged, skinny body.

The creator of baby legs thought her baby deserved a fashionable break from diapers during a diaper rash episode. Other moms are using them as arm warmers, or over pants during walks outside. So may uses and so many choices. An ideal baby gift (or splurge for yourself, because we're warning you, these are absolutely addicting)!

Suggested Uses:

  • makes diaper changing a breeze
  • protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
  • keep legs warm year round
  • provide light weight sun protection
  • jazz up any soccer field
  • causes traffic stopping joy
Baby Legs Pop Heart Leg Warmers
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  • 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex
  • stretchy comfort cuff (2cm high)

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